Designed by Favaretto & Partners

By observing where and how an offshoot, technically ca-lled Margotta or air layering, grows, we thought we could transmit this miracle of nature to a technical operation which could produce a complete furniture system.
In the main body, where the leg is fitted, a widening has been inserted made up of an injected aluminium part with functions that are similar to an offshoot, from which other aluminium parts “grow”, providing numerous ver-tical and horizontal solutions for workposts.
A collection of steel tubes can be added to the aluminium parts, to structure and support all worktops.
In the same flexible Margotta, a diverse and multi-func-tional collection of separating panels of workposts can be used to achieve a vertical extension of the system.
This is the origin of Layer which stands out from the rest of the market because of the concept, shape, simplicity in use and its tremendous flexibility.Layer. Only limited by your imagination!

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