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GUIALMI - Empresa de Móveis Metálicos, SA

Looking at the future!

It is an eternal behavioural approach. It is in our organisation’s DNA – we design, build, promote and distribute office furniture. We are a group of committed people. The future is not written, but it is our duty to take part on its creation.

Since 1973.

Guialmi is in operation for more than 45 years.
Through its history, acting on the metal office furniture segment, Guialmi has been acquiring and building competencies and a positive reputation – over this period, we have committed our efforts to be recognised as a reliable business partner.

In 2008, we have extended our operations to the libraries’ segment. Since then, the quality of our projects has been recognised by the market.

Over the last 20 years Guialmi has been strongly dedicated to design. We work with some of the best international designers, while growing internal competencies in this space. Consequently, and gratifyingly, our products have been awarded with important design awards.

Guialmi is certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, FSC and PEFC, reflecting our concerns with a sustainable future.

Other indicators.

Guialmi employs 150 people over a 20,000 square meter industrial area in Águeda (80 Km away from Porto and 220 Km from Lisbon). Guialmi business subsidiaries can also be found in Lisbon and Funchal (Madeira).

We export 60% of our production to markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our history is dedicated to our Employees and our Business Partners, but mostly to our Clients.

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